We have been users of PeoplePay HRMIS for well over 8 years now. The security of this system allows us to handle multiple companies within the same solution. User friendliness is aided by a series of diagrams and illustrations that can be used to quickly guide users in the execution of whatever task they are working with, along the ever present alerts for validations.

The internal communication and integration of both Human Resource and payroll modules ensure that the interaction between the two departments goes as smooth as possible. System notifications ensure that all changes made by our HR department such as adjustments to an employee’s salary, are immediately available to the Payroll department for processing.

We also had the opportunity of being trained in the use of Crystal Report writer; this gives us the ability to create any report requested by management without any input from the Supplier. Added to this, our time clock integration allows for all entries from time clock to be directly integrated in the of PeoplePay HRMIS software.

Michael Daniels
Gafoors Group