PeoplePay ERP is a suite of software products comprising of Human Resources, Payroll, Purchasing, Inventory and Asset Management.
  • How is the cost of the software derived?
    • The software has two pricing models:
      • The per employee model with additional cost for implementation. After the warranty period clients have an optional Annual Maintenance Contract.
      • Software lease arrangement called SAAS.
  • What are the benefits of using SAAS (software as a service)?
    • The SAAS model facilitates small monthly payments.
    • Guarantees continuous updates and bug fixes.
    • Enforces the clauses in Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
  • Is there an upgrade fee when new versions are released?
    • The SAAS model upgrade fee will be incorporated in a new lease rate.
  • What software platform was the application developed in?
    • The software was developed using Oracle Apex; Programming languages include HTML, CSS, Java Script and PL/SQL.
  • What software architecture design pattern was used?
    • Application Express framework based on MVC.
  • Can the software be used with a different back end?
    • No, oracle apex works exclusively with the oracle database. However web services can be used to communicate with any data source.
  • What was the front end developed in?
    • The software UI was developed in Oracle Apex.
  • Is the software supported by one developer or a Team?
    • This software was developed by Innosys Inc and is owned and sold by Innosys Inc, this company has a team of developers.
  • What warranty is given to clients when purchased?
    • A one year warrant is provided to clients, they are encouraged to sign an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) upon its expiration.
  • What after sales services are available?
    • The AMC clearly outlines after sales service entitlements. In the absence of an AMC, this service depends on the availability of the Innosys resources.
  • Who are the developers and owner of the source code?
    • Innosys Inc is the sole owner of the software suite.
  • What flexibility does the customer have with respect to modification of workflows, report creation and so on?
    • Clients of PeoplePay ERP are provided with an optional technical training package.
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