Innosys: Capturing Agriculture Business Activities with the Use of Technology

//Innosys: Capturing Agriculture Business Activities with the Use of Technology

Innosys: Capturing Agriculture Business Activities with the Use of Technology

Innovative Systems Inc. has recently developed a Trading Platform known as FarmersMarket.GY

This Platform resulted from a competition hosted by The Ministry of Public Telecommunications , which was geared towards showcasing and evaluating the design of an Agriculture Trading Platform of the various competing teams. Our team of IT specialists captured the first place position because our design catered, ideally, to the needs of the Agriculture Industry. Besides, we were able to translate a real farmers’ market concept into digitalize processes.

What is FarmersMarket.GY?

FarmersMarket.GY is a trading platform which combines traditional agriculture business processes with information technology. We call it an online farmer’s marketplace environment. This platform connects farmers with buyers and also provides useful information for various sectors in the Agriculture Industry, especially to guide them with good decision-making.

Further, our platform is user-friendly and creates a seamless, effortless environment for buyers and sellers to interact and ply their trade. This software application is intended to be hosted online and mimics the same processes of a physical market, thus making it accessible to a vast cross-section of internet users.


Our application automatically distinguishes a buyer from a seller. When you sign up,  a role is assigned to you based on your intended activity. If you have to produce to sell, you are a seller. If you request or buy produce, you are a buyer. It’s that easy!
Our application is able to seamlessly match potential buyers with potential sellers. How is that accomplished? This is done automatically once you opt for ‘automatic matching’. After you post your ‘request for produce’, a listing of all the products that match your specification is generated.
This particular feature allows a buyer to make volume purchases. Say, for example, large quantities of vegetables are needed. You just ‘post a request’ for vegetables, this would allow multiple producers to fill your request. You will then have an option to select a supplier of your preferred choice to source the produce from.
Here is where you’re allowed to manage all the products you have selected to buy. This feature enables you to view all your interested items selected for purchasing. Also, you will be able to select the type of payment method. At this stage buyer can reject, accept or even report items not matching specification.
Because this is an online market environment, will accept various conventional payment methods: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, etc. However, we will also accept typical payment methods such as cash on delivery or bank transfer. Our objective is to facilitate all our users of the system.
FarmersMarket.GY is compliant with open data standards, making it the first of any such application developed in Guyana. The framework used is adopted from the Australian Government Open Standards. This feature allows customers to share data. If customers make use of this provision, such data will be provided, upon demand, to Government Agencies in keeping with applicable laws.
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