Innosys is extending its Medical Inventory System by adding Electronic Health Records (EHR). This system is being developed in collaboration with a US trained Surgeon and uses the British “Standards for the clinical structure and content of patient records” as its guiding requirements document. This application is patient centered and will revolutionize the way healthcare is dispensed by doing the following:

1.       Facilitating online appointments by patients.

2.       Allowing patient self-serve. The ability for patients to view their own records.

3.       Brings together all healthcare stakeholders: laboratories, clinics, pharmacies, Radiology, inpatient and outpatient.

4.       Guarantee the reduction of medical errors by clinicians.

5.       Reduces health care cost.

6.       Speeds up access to patient records.

Our system can be cloud based thus reducing cost of IT infrastructure and technical support personnel. Innosys is collaborating with a series of healthcare stakeholders to see this project to fruition.

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