PeoplePay Human Resource Management Information System

Innosys prides itself in producing end to end solutions that are targeted not only to improve speed and accuracy of your business process, but to also lower the cost and bring about more efficiency. Innosys uses its own software products for which we are constantly thriving to improve. Our list of happy customers comes from various industries including medical, retail, banking, manufacturing, hospitality and print media. PeoplePay HRMS and PeoplePay ERP, provides a complete suite by integrating applications for HR, Payroll, Purchasing, Inventory and Asset Management. These features and modules are outlined below showing some of the key functionality that sits pervasively on all modules and sub modules.

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HRMIS – SaaS – Software as a Service

During the past few years, we have piloted and implemented our core software namely: PeoplePay Human Resource Management Information System. To date, we have successfully done all our installations and implementations for our customers’ on-premises the “traditional way”. Even though this model or mode of implementation has resulted satisfied customers; we have been actively looking for ways in which to facilitate our customers with an additional option to “on-premises installation”. Our search has uncovered the “SaaS Solution”! Statistics now show that applications with few or standard interfaces are best suited to move to the CLOUD. Furthermore, what is really exciting, the time to a working solution can drop from months in the traditional model to weeks, days or hours with the SaaS model.

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